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To explore the characteristics and value of PVC panel

- Apr 11, 2018 -

   With the development of the society, the advancement of globalization, goodsPVC panelMaterials worldwide, around the world each corner.PVC panel in the 21st century is the most popular one of a commercial product decorative panels, in the 90 s of the PVC have been widely commercialized products abroad application, PVC the total production of every year can reach millions of tons, but still can't meet the market demand of almost never.

  In commercial industrial development area, PVC, as the representative of the thin film materials occupy the area to be the king of the thin film materials market.Developing regional business industry not as prosperous developed areas, consumers to the requirement of business is not so high, basic quality and favorable price is the selling point of the commodity market in developing regions, and this is why the PVC material can be in the business industry in the development of region one of the reasons.

  From the Angle of business, how do we think about the PVC?First PVC is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) occupied the main ingredients of a thin film material, the heat resistance of high strength, waterproof, prevent fold, ink absorption ability is strong, and many other features, make the PVC for a long time in both economic prosperity areas and economically backward areas are dominated the film material market.

  PC, PET and PVC characteristics of three kinds of thin film materials are almost the same, but the PVC and the other two have a unique features, that is the price of the above, the market price of the PVC is only about half of the PC and PET or so, this is also the PVC in general commercial products are widely used in reason, because the low price of PVC in the case of a large number of a large number of production, also make the price of PVC panel material lower than PC and PET a lot.

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