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Thin film panel text screen option

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Thin film panelThe prompt functions, transfer instructions, state the important content.It not only requires strokes clear, smooth edge, at the same time also require ink layer is thick, with good coverage.To do this, in addition to the mesh spacing in the process of screen printing, printing pressure, printing ink quality is related to such factors as the viscosity, the network version to the methods of choosing the correct or not plays a decisive role.In numerous plate method, choose the indirect method of five-star film process can well satisfy the requirement of the text panel production.Five-star film has high resolution power, due to its photographic process is by face mask body by direct contact with the photographic film exposure, during which not subjected to the interference of silk screen, plus red film has the scale, the diffraction effect, thus ensuring the precision of text strokes and bright and clean, as long as the printing is proper, the graphic representation ability is good;On the other hand, in order to get a deep ink layer, improve the graphic overlay, prevent the graphic is affected by the underlying ink and change its hue, as long as according to the graphic fine degree, selecting the appropriate thickness of the film membrane layer, can make the panel layer by part of the integrated for both.Although the five-star film cost is higher, but in the layer panel of the entire process layout, the selective application is reasonable.

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