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Thin film panel is the user is taken as a numerical control machine tools and direct action object interface program

- Apr 11, 2018 -

   Membrane panel is the user is taken as a numerical control machine tools and interface program of action object directly, it has various control and press and knobs.By controlling the membrane panel.The user can control machine tools of various heart.Can also clear and sequence code editing machine live line.

   Stuck on a board according to the health, health new and signal lines and a lamp89C51Microcontroller electrically connectedJ9C51Through the "mouth and single chip microcomputer networkPC104Communicate with thin film on the front panel according to the national health and knobs by eventsIlk-,04Microcontroller after receiving treatment, converted to the corresponding according to "number, sent toPC104The outside of the board Tian Shen mouth, or returns control signals, control and destroy the light of lamp and so on;PC1"Also sent to MCU" signal receiving process, converting interface program into the control side of the signal is sent back turn signals to single chip microcomputer control.

  The control can be divided into the interface function according to the double membrane panel.And women's generation of mama take button and the machine tool motion control according to the health of three parts, corresponding to three part of the hardware circuit, called thanOAccording to the national health circuit boards,MDIAccording to the circuit board, machine tool is taken as a control circuit board.Which provide users with the needed to control the press.Button and the light, and class.

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