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Thin film panel is mainly divided into which a few kinds

- Apr 02, 2018 -

   Thin film panelClassification has a lot of kinds, but the most common around us three, respectively is the PC panel, PVC panel, PET panel.Although the three panels have the same characteristics, but each is one of their own unique side, which is why the three panels to today has become one of the reasons for the tripartite confrontation.

  First we talk about the PC panel for, this can say three of the most expensive one, in terms of raw material the price of PC is much higher than the other two, the processing methods of or no difference, the PC material used in commercial and precise electronic information products is the most widely, master li, this is because it has a high commercial value.

  PVC panel, it has an unusual history, it was the defendant has applied for a patent, the two countries for the first time after the patent people without the effective use of it, but in the second time to switch through it has developed many new products.

  PET panel, the material is the cheapest price of three kinds of materials, the material wasn't used in the business, the main or most widely applied in industry and agriculture, because of cheap in economy is relatively backward area makes it very high use value, in some less important product, people also tend to have a crush on its low cost and select it.

  Three kinds of thin film panel has its own value, so many years or interdependence, whether in one or in the future they will be the society's main film panel products.

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