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Thin film panel has the function of uv protection

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Membrane switch has become an important accessories, many of the products with similar productsPC、PET、PVC、EBAsurfaceplateAs well asEBG panelAnd so on, we can also find on the Internet a lot of information on electronic panel,Such as liquid crystal display,LCD、LED、DVD, screen protection, light box advertising, chimney, signs, toys, touch display, the instrument panelThese andThin film panels are similar products have a lot of similarities.Today we mainly introduce about film panel uv protection function.

  Weathering: thin film panel appearance with uv co-extrusion layer, can prevent the ultra-violet rays of the resin tired turn yellow.Appearance co-extrusion layer with chemical absorption and translated into visible light, ultraviolet ray in plant photosynthesis has remarkable effect.


   Outdoor ensures that ten years do not fade.In - 40 ℃ to 120 ℃ planning adhere to the physical principles of safe sex.Artificial climate ageing test 4000 hours, yellowing degree is 2, light transmittance drop in value is only 0.6%.

In addition to this feature, membrane switch also has more features, its long life, small volume, adornment sex is good, bright colours.And economical efficiency significantly, can improve the credibility of products and market competitiveness.

  Above is the knowledge about film panel, have you seen after, also hope you can understand somewhat, we sincerely provide you with the best goods.

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