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Thin film panel has the advantages of low cost, simple operation

- Apr 14, 2018 -

 Thin film panelMembrane buttons with low cost, simple process and the advantages of the feel is good it owns most of the market, key basic it is used in everyday life are membrane keyboards, film key structure is very simple, you can direct contact with the key top and bottom cover, a key cap, you can see the button at the bottom of the silicone cap, thin film circuit and the circuit board.

  By looking at the thin film circuit, it is made, which can be found under the three layers, including upper and lower two layers using conductive coatings, printed circuit in the buttons below are equipped with corresponding contact, isolation layer for the middle layer, in the key part of the same with circular contact (or hollowed out), when press the keyboard, upper and lower two layers of unicom, of the circuit to produce the corresponding signal.

  Film button button can be divided into the crater of the volcano and scissors feet (X) two kinds of structure, structure of the crater of the volcano is the most commonly used in the key of design, it is after the insert button button on the interface, direct contact with the silicone cap at the bottom, on the handle under the influence of key column length and silica gel cap stretch, the crater of the structure of the buttons are high key cap, long key process design, so that we can get good feedback, not is corresponding to the fuselage to make a thicker, and the stability of the button is a bit poor, prone to shake, click cannot obtain very consistent feel.Cangxian JiXing specializing in the production of all kinds of membrane switch, membrane panel.

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