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Thin film panel and membrane switch production materials commonly used

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Membrane switch with thin film panel what are the commonly used material in production?Small make up to the interviewMembrane switch manufacturerStaff, please tell him to introduce you.

Because of PET film general performance can be replaced by PC film, so the material used for panel is not too much, unless in some special occasions, such as the insulation, the springback, solvent resistance is under the condition of other film can't meet only a small number of applications.

But as glossy material, once after printing on the back, the color will appear more bright is dazzing, in strong decorative requirements and does not need to frequently touches occasions, often choose smooth material panel, or for some display area such as the special needs of LCD liquid crystal display and consideration, choose favourable smooth material.

PC material physical properties and chemical properties of composite indicator is good, the adaptive ink more widely, also is the most common application layer membrane switch panel materials.PC material has the distinguish of sand surface and smooth surface, choose the reason of sand surface material because the use of membrane switch is electronic product, more as a control panel of the control system does not want the light interference, and the surface of the sand surface shape only diffuse shaped, won't produce bright reflections;At the same time, due to the sand grain surface is disorder, have the function of the masking scratches, by contrast, glossy material don't have more features.QQ图片20180112151541.jpg

PVC film material's price is lower, about half of PC material, when the product in the production of civil affordable, if choose PVC material, can reduce the production cost, PVC material has good ductility at the same time, can use cold processing three-dimensional graphic.Smooth the thickness of the PVC sheet generally above 0.5 mm, both surfaces have a PET or tape to protect water, most of the used to make decorative panel;Sand surface PVC materials generally below 0.3 mm thickness, it usually to scale sheet of supply and no coil.

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