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Thin film material to consider what factors of the panel

- Apr 14, 2018 -

 Thin film panelProcessing are many ways, but most are in printing technology in the raw materials, printed on some exquisite design and labeling requirements of the customer.The most important thing is to have the effect of decoration, but also on the surface so want to keep for a long time is not damaged.Because the printing is a requirement for material, not all of the thin film material is suitable for printing ink.Thin film materials can't be too thin, because the material is too thin when printing can't make the surface smooth, is influential to the printing effect.Also can guarantee the material can be suitable for the market most of the ink, ink manufacturers of different process and different quality so much cannot guarantee is the same.

  The main film panel is beautiful and decorative effect, so it's very important to the transparency of materials.Minimum of 90% or more transparency, only in this way the material can be used as a thin film panel production, but also can long time high temperature, sun protection, waterproof, anti friction, etc.Thin-film panels and key application range is very wide, each region will have different characteristics, as in the high temperature of large mechanical it requires high temperature above, decorating outdoors requires its Ken has sun protection, waterproof, etc.

  Under the same membrane switch metal shrapnel are generally of the same size, but above the layer panel key areas are in small range.In this case would be easy to appear some problems, due to the size of the button metal shrapnel is limited, so no problems will appear the keys.But we are in the process of production and production how to avoid it and to solve these problems?

   First, because there is a limit to the size of the metal shell fragments, but our customer to provide us with drawings is different, drawing the buttons above the size of the display area is not the same, the general circumstances?Only use the same products in the same type of metal shrapnel, such operator in the process of operation, there was no way to very accurately find the position of metal shrapnel, unable to make the lower conductive layer backflow current circuit, and the formation of a current order instructions.

  In the center of the installation in the process of metal shrapnel must aim at the center of the conductive path, but also be fixed.Button in the layers of the panel display area of the above letters generally will take shorthand way to save space, its size is generally under no greater than 2 times in a small metal shrapnel.If too much will lose balance, and in the process of operation, can not find the precise location of metal shrapnel.


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