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Thin film keypads are required for raw materials

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Thin film keypads are required for raw materials

     The film button panel is decorated with a new velvet-like (translucent) PVC, polycarbonate (PC), polyester film (PET), and is decorated with various symbols, text, and patterns. panel. Can be widely used in home appliances, industrial instrumentation switch panel, brand name trademark OEM, etc., fundamentally changed the aluminum alloy panel and other traditional panel material defects, has become the most ideal new modern panel. The product not only has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, anti-friction, no fading, easy to beautify the decoration, and is easy to install. It can also directly clean the dirt on the panel surface with water, gasoline and alcohol without affecting the pattern. The membrane keypad can be used alone or as part of a membrane switch.

     Due to the characteristics of the polyester film, its different uses are determined. Polyester films with different uses have different requirements for raw materials and additives as well as processing techniques, and their thickness and technical specifications are different. In addition, only BOPET has many uses.

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