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The working principle of the thin-film thermocouple

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Temperature is a process of energy accumulation, response speed slower, shoot the size of the photon energy related with people, the spectral response, no response to all have the same wavelength. Thin film thermal device is in the 1980 s with the development of membrane technology in integrated circuit technology, the place of traditional structural temperature sensor, it is suitable for surface and the temperature of the small gap detection.

Thin-film thermocouple is according to the seebeck effect, by two kinds of thin film materials are measured by combination of thermoelectric emf to obtain the temperature being measured.F in the figure as a surface blackening film, the thickness of only 0. 15 m, the area of 1 mm, the left and right sides.


Object of radiant energy E and temperature T can be determined by experiment. The relationship between A and B are two kinds of thin film thermocouple materials synthesis, such as the NiCo - NiSi, thin-film thermocouple temperature can reach 1000 "c. J1 end of hot end, hot end node for micron level and nanoscale size of the film.Because the diaphragm has a smaller thermal capacity and thermal side, so the dynamic response time can reach microsecond, suitable for measuring instantaneous temperature change, and heat resisting impact bearability, wear-resisting, and have strong resistance to strip.Cold end closed loop measurement, diaphragm F absorption of optical radiation, the node temperature, cold end J: keep the environment temperature, the potential to produce temperature difference on both ends, the current loop output temperature difference.

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