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The simple sense of material switch panel

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Switch price of the product is mainly related to material cost and cost of chess sets. Therefore, the material of intermediate products use a concise, general is given priority to with white PC plastic, button on the deco or fluorescent lamp.

In terms of tactile sense. PC plastic itself has a certain roughness, can give a person the simple sense of soft, delicate and comfortable semantics.Take light treatment was conducted on the part of the product surface, make the panel surface luminosity is greatly increased. The user contact with the product, can feel the smooth texture of semantics.

In terms of visual quality. The generation materials of white color gives a person with bright, comfortable sense semantics. Through making light processing panel also can bring the feeling of luster.Panel with decorations, fluorescent lamp common match make profit a panel is particularly administrative levels feeling.Fluorescent lamp in addition to visual function, and practical function. Can be fong users looking for switch position in dark environment accurately.


High-grade switch panel with PC material is given priority to, still more than mid-range decoration varieties with rich, material cost is higher.High-grade switch garnish is often use a metal parts or electrical parts. Side to show the nobility of the product.

In terms of tactile sense. High-grade switch panel material and intermediate switch is relatively similar. The same material texture.Decoration in the area is lesser, almost has no impact on the tactile texture, is mainly used to improve the visual quality.

In terms of visual quality. PC material texture similar to a mid-range switch. Silk screen printing process of popular, enrich the decoration on the surface of the panel. On the vision with a refined, elegant, light texture semantics.Gold month or the whole level of electric ship decoration panel more rich, brought according to switch your texture semantics, fashion, hale and hearty.

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