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The preparation methods of optical multilayer films

- Sep 20, 2017 -

In order to improve the optical properties of optical thin film devices, electron beam evaporation preparation are put forward at the same time of film preparation with ion beam to bombardment of ion beam assisted deposition film thermal evaporation technique (IAD).Gathered IAD technology can obtain high density of thin film, thus improving the stability of thin film optics properties, but also can realize coating at room temperature, in the plastic substrate preparation of optical thin film devices.The process of the preparation of thin film has good strength and adhesion.

Another way to improve the stability of thin film optical properties is to preparation of optical thin film sputtering technology.In general, sputtering technology can gain strength and adhesion of thin film is very superior, and film density is high, the optical properties of thin films prepared from such not only has the very good temperature stability, but also has a very good film layer and substrate adhesion strength.Shortcomings of the sputtering technique is compared with the hot electron beam evaporation technology deposition rate lower, but the rate of defects can be flow-through sputtering thin film deposition methods to improve.So use of fabrication of optical thin film sputtering technology is a kind of mass production of thin film preparation technology.


Along with the development of the projection display technology, more and more high to the requirement of optical thin film optical properties, the stability of the optical properties, and the adhesion with substrate has become a very important performance requirements, in particular, no temperature drift of optical thin film devices has become the general requirements of projection display system optical element, this greatly promote the optical thin film preparation technology of electron beam evaporation from the traditional to the IAD technology and the speed of the sputtering preparation technology development.

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