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The power development and classification of membrane switch manufacturer

- Apr 11, 2018 -

 Membrane switch manufacturerAlready into the family, its safety was deeply loved by the people, recently, communication and then holding type electronic equipment are thin, the power of course need to adopt thin wave.Affect the power of thin thin is inductor, transformer and other magnetic components.

As a thin transformer, thin-film technology is being applied research.But now practical thin transformer is on the ferrite core of the vane flake winding transformer winding copper, however, the future of technology is expected in spraying methods, such as plating metal on a ferrite substrate and making thin variable pressure.

At this time, reduce the depletion of the method is made by substrate core flux and through the winding current and the magnetic thin abdomen used to improve the duty cycle, how to solve the coercive force of thin the tian is the practical application of the key, therefore, we expect that to increase use of coercive force smaller type amorphous ferrite chip.

The specific classification of membrane switch?

1) according to the circuit substrate is divided into flexible plate and hard board

2) according to the panel is divided into flat or vertical shape

3) according to operating the feelings into the non-inductive type and inductive type

4) according to the special use into the lit and refers to the membrane panel

5) panel method according to the contact points and discrete parts and keyboard and keyboard

6) here we only to the flexible plate membrane switch (R) of the sheet and on the use of the printed material.

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