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The position of the converter in the membrane panel

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Thin film panelConverter or thin film panel power supply may be because the input voltage fluctuation, external load and its malfunction and damage or affect its performance and working reliability, at the same time, it may be because the film panel converter is not normal, and cause the damage of the load or load equipment, etc., therefore, to make the film panel converter system and load safe and reliable work, must have the complete protection function.Therefore, in accordance with the need of different protection, researchers put forward several kinds of protection scheme and protection circuit.

  Thin film panel device is the core component of thin film panel converter, more expensive, therefore, protective measures must first ensure that film panel device safe and reliable work.In addition, the film panel converter or thin film panel power supply load generally have a high degree of contains a lot of integrated devices, these devices are generally resistant to electricity, heat, shock ability is poor, therefore, the protection of the converter should be both itself and the membrane panel the safety of the load.

  At present, there are many kinds of protection, in addition to the aforementioned over current protection, over voltage protection, low voltage protection and overheating protection, and polarity protection, procedure protection, over power protection, etc.Due to thin film panel converter or many, many different kinds of thin film panel power supply, different purposes, so the requirement for protection also each have emphasize particularly on, the setting of protection should be commensurate with the specific requirements.

  Or thin film panel power switch converter after adding the protection circuit, is bound to add components, which in turn will affect the reliability of the system, therefore the reliability of the protection circuit itself must be demanding, in order to improve the reliability of the whole system, thus improving thin film panel converter itself is the average time between fail

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