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The method often used to clean the membrane switch

- Jul 06, 2018 -

The method often used to clean the membrane switch

We know that after using it for a while, it will become very unclean, and it needs cleaning. The membrane switch is like this. The professional membrane switch manufacturer shares with the user how to clean the membrane switch:

1. The appearance of the cleaning membrane switch needs to be fitted.

2, compare the size of the membrane switch

3, then peel off the centrifugal paper at the bottom of the membrane switch from the side 10mm.

4, then put the membrane switch to the corresponding orientation to stick a part, then gradually tear off the remaining centrifugal paper, and then paste it to the corresponding orientation.

5, if the membrane switch that is not peeled off and the centrifugal paper is required to be placed first, it should not be placed upwards to prevent sticking to other objects and affecting the posting.

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