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The membrane switch of the ink color matching

- Apr 11, 2018 -

   Usually, membrane switch manufacturers buy only several main color (color and black and white, etc.) of ink factory own back.If the membrane switch manufacturer tone color is the most ideal to be able to use computers.But more membrane switch manufacturer is still using artificial color adjusting process, adjusting color to allocate the required color is consistent with customers is very difficult, or it is almost impossible.Because of the color in addition to know the ink color science theory knowledge, at the same time also need to adjust the color personnel with rich experience in tone color, but even with adjustable color rich experience of "return" the color of the deployment of ink is only roughly with the customer closer to the specified color photograph.Now for the analysis of the traditional color matching process and what are the differences between modern computer color matching technology.

 Membrane switch is mainly composed of the mask, the mask back glue, on line, isolation layer, the line and the back glue, structure as shown in the membrane switch structure.The mask layer, on the line, the line layer is transparent film, mainly adopts the material is PC, PET, PVC.Mask back glue, isolation layer and the back rubber material is double-sided adhesive (commonly known as the sandwich).

  Membrane switch principle

  In the mask layer is not pressed, the isolation layer isolation effect to the top and bottom line, when the mask layer is pressed, the line is pressed together and with the line, make the circuit conduction, after conducting lines to the external instrumentation (set by the customer) to signal, to achieve its corresponding function.

  Membrane switch use requirement

  Be installed surfaces smooth, no rust, and be alcohol or gasoline after clean before being posted.

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