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The growth characteristic of membrane switch

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Membrane switchThe growth characteristics of the sedimentary conditions, the influence of the main factors of deposition rate, substrate temperature, atomic incident direction, substrate surface state and vacuum degree, etc..

For different types of metal, the influence degree of the deposition rate is different, this is because the metal atoms of vacuum deposition on the substrate of mobility is associated with the properties of the metal and surface condition.Even the same kind of metal, under different process conditions, the deposition rate on the influence of membrane structure is not entirely consistent.In general, the deposition rate will affect the film in the grain size and grain size distribution uniformity as well as defects and so on..

In the case of low deposition rate, the metal atoms in the substrate transfer time is long, easy to reach the adsorption point location, or is in the other adsorption point position on the island had captured and form the coarse grain, make the membrane structure is rough, PET membrane switch membrane is not dense..

Because substrate after deposition atoms reached at the same time, the subsequent atom has not arrived in time, thus exposing time is longer, easily influenced by residual gas molecules or pollution of impurities, and in the process of deposition, and produce various kinds of defects, etc..

High deposition rate, therefore, some good. High deposition rate can make thin film grain size small, compact structure, but due to a lot of nuclear condensation, at the same time as the nuclear energy is in a state of energy is higher, soMembrane switchThere is a larger internal stress, also more defects.

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