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The flexible membrane switch circuit

- Mar 03, 2018 -

flexibleMembrane switchisMembrane switchTypical of the form.This kind ofMembrane switchIs called the flexible, because of thisMembrane switchAll the mask layer, isolation layer, circuit composed of a variety of different software film.

flexible Membrane switchCircuit layer, adopt electrical performance good polyester film (PET) as a carrier of the switching circuit graphics, this layer also feel shrapnel, up and down circuit.Because of the influence of the polyester film has properties, making itMembrane switchHave good insulation, heat resistance, bending strength and high resilience.Switch circuit graphics, including switch online and lead to adopt low resistance, low temperature curing under the condition of the electrical conductivity of the coating and printing.

Therefore, the entireMembrane switchThe composition of a certain softness, not only suitable for use on a flat body, still can cooperate with curved surface body.flexibleMembrane switchLead and switch itself is one of the body, making group switch online, its collection in thin film of a certain place, and according to the design of the specified location and a standard line from extending outward, as soft, can be arbitrary curved, sealed lead wires are connected to the rear of the machine circuit.


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