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The difference between the membrane switch and push button switch in shenzhen

- Apr 02, 2018 -

  With the development of science and technology, the electronic goods as the replacement for broken, also in the traditional push button switch is no longer suitable for today's electronic products, membrane switch in imperceptible in to replace the traditional switch, it not only has the most basic function of switch products, also undertake all the advantages of the push button switch, but also improve the button switch the existing shortcomings.

  Membrane switch a PC panel, PCV panel to panel layer, there are 3 m adhesive for lamination oar in membrane keyboards and silver conductive path composed of a new type of electronic switch products.By has the characteristics of production and processing of various materials, and is one of today's widely used in electronics switch.Than simple monotonicity, push button switch to the diversity of membrane switch, a set of function and decoration for the integration of switch products, push button switch with intuitive plastic metal for material by simple processing, it is the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost less process, but the function is relatively single.

  While shenzhen membrane switch is adopted high-performance materials on the basis of the PC, PVC, PET, plus silver blade lines and metal shrapnel, structure is relatively complex.Production process is very troublesome, also requires a high degree of the production technology, production cost and expenses are relative to the button to switch to a much higher.Excellent quality and reasonable price is the best generalization of membrane switch, the price is high but the strength of the product is very much also, the basic set of functionality and decoration as a whole, high temperature proof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, feel even the use of long life and so on, these features can make consumers hope products are higher than the push button switch cost.

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