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The characteristics of flexible circuits, and the selection of materials

- Apr 11, 2018 -

With the rapid development of electronic products, electronic assembly technology is put forward a serious challenge after another.In order to be able to cater to the development of electronic technology, people has carried on the bold innovation in electronics assembly technology, in this context a containing fine wires, using thin, soft polymer film made flexible circuit arises at the historic moment, it is able to apply surface mount technology and can be bent into the shape of a myriad required.

In recent years,Flexible circuitsUse has been extended to radio communication, computer and automotive electronics and other fields.Flexible circuits before specifically as alternatives to use of rigid cable, it can has been very mature as a substitute for rigid circuits and printed circuit board applications require the use of thin circuit or the occasion of 3 d circuit.In order to meet the application requirement of sofe, firm soft technique combined with flexible circuit on the rigid circuit board.

  The SMT technology of flexible circuits can be made very thin, very clever, insulation thickness is less than 25 microns, the flexible circuits can be bent freely and can curl into the cylinder, after to make full use of 3 d volume.It broke the traditional inherent mind-set of the area, forming a full advantage of the ability of shape, volume that can be used by the per unit area in use conventional conductor length, significantly enhance the effective use of density, formation of high density assembly form.

  Shenzhen Jasper electronics co., LTD., to create first-class staff, designers and developers are well-known enterprises in the industry for eight years, senior engineer, can meet the needs of the various types of membrane switch design;Production line employees, has many years operation skills.Company configure the first-class facilities, spacious workshop, modern workshop.Automatic printing machine, automatic punching machine, such as detector is the most advanced membrane switch manufacturers as well as the membrane panel manufacturers, testing equipment.

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