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Ten of the membrane switch before shipment inspection steps

- Sep 18, 2017 -

General factory before they go out, can do some simple test steps of membrane switch, about ten steps.Let's see what are the specific?


  1, material inspection: panels, substrate, silver paste, carbon ink, spacers, adhesives, glue, reinforcement plate, insulation printing should comply with the regulations of the drawings.


  Comparison, shape: shape, conductor lines, insulation treatment, combination of lining board, should comply with the regulations of drawings or provide samples.


  Check the size: 3, drawing did not note tolerance allowed range to conform to the standard, the rest of the conform to the requirement of drawings.


  4, check the color: using visual method, compared with the sample or color card to see if have off color, color is particularly strict with color difference meter.


  5, peel strength test: adhesive peel strength, shall be not less than 8 n / 25 mm.


  6, bubbling test: equal height, strength equilibrium.Planar: 57 ~ 284 g, touch feeling: 170 ~ 397 g.


  7, hardness testing, with H class drawing written, pressuring line 1 kg thrust, 45 degrees lines must not have conductive ink peeling or produce pervious to light.


  8, life test: no shrapnel each key contact conduction number, should be in 1 million.Shrapnel and touch type conduction number, should be in 500000.


  9, folding strength test: after drying process of silver paste, carbon ink lines, should first determine the loop resistance, and then to 180 degrees of fold on the line, and with finger pressure 2 kg / 2 seconds, and then to restore the plane, so implement 5 back to back and forth, then measure the resistance.Due to fold after 5 back to increase the resistance of not more than 300% in the original resistance.


  10, check the appearance: panel cannot have obvious flaws, such as characters of stroke;Stain, pervious to light point;Deinking, spots, scratches;Transparent window glue, glue, etc.Unbiased phenomena, such as printing, registering, top and bottom line and specialized line combined with key piece, panel and buttons, bubbling and substrate panel buttons.Bend size stamping burrs and crowded, should not be greater than 0.2 mm, and no conductor position should be facing a side.


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