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Some film reading machine line

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Membrane switch

Membrane keyboards

Frosted PET

Some film reading machine line

Switch is divided into a lot of kinds, now there is a product called membrane switch entered the line of sight of consumers, it is integrated the function of buttons and indicates the product components, mainly made up of many different parts namely facial, up and down the middle of the circuit and the isolation layer. Products can be controlled by touch, of fingers circuit contact will bounce back to recycle a trigger signal, completely blocking circuit. This switch is blended in a lot of high-tech elements, in the automotive industry and intelligent household or are used in high-grade children's toys. Xin hui membrane switch what are worth a certain advantage of? You can see below.

Membrane switch is light touch the keyboard, there is a way this is a collection of photoelectric integration products, can be said to be the electronic product appearance and performance of the structure of fundamental shift, with such a product can replace the traditional key, through the operation of the system more accurate system task quickly.

Membrane switch many advantages, can not waterproof and dustproof can also prevent the erosion of harmful gas for the internal electronic components, and products are small size is easy to install, not man-made damage can be very long service life. Product has been made for different color, appearance is more beautiful and easy is easy to be accepted by the modern consumer, design is very have feel touch keys can meet the demand of human nature more in detail place. The use of products can be used in many high-tech by welding or plug can be connected to the circuit, convenient for use.

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