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Solid body of thin film assembly type resonator

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Solid assembly model (SMR) resonator using Bragg reflector limit sound waves to piezoelectric oscillation within a heap, Bragg reflector adopts alternating high and low impedance of the acoustic layer.Acoustic reflector in two different impedance acoustic layer interface of multiple reflections, the formation of standing wave. Compared with the former two types of devices, the advantages of SMR are:

(1) there is no body in the process of production of the device or surface machining technology, process is more simple, more stable performance.

(2) the device directly deposited on the substrate, without suspended structure, improve the fighting strength of resonator.

(3) due to the multilayer thin film structure of the device, is cooling, for high power applications, can significantly reduce the thermal resistance of the surrounding environment.

(4) the frequency selective Bragg reflector effect can effectively restrain noise and harmonic generation many times.


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