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Silk screen printing on high-tech

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Screen printing into the membrane switch manufacturing technology of the high-tech in addition to the above content, at the same time there are a lot of new content is different from the traditional screen printing, for exampleMembrane switchCircuit of the computer aided design (CAD) and the manual wiring design;Isolation layer window and guide the design of the gas tank;Insulation and its application in the ultraviolet (UV) curing ink;The application of non-metallic conductive carbon slurry;With high-tech computer numerical control (CNC) electronics autofocus precision punch for membrane switch working environment and storage conditions.Obviously we should according to the working environment of membrane switch and storage environment.Obviously we should according to the working conditions of membrane switch and storage environment to consider the structure of the membrane switch design and material selection.However, in the selection screenFor conductive material, especially the silver flake silver particle pass in the pulp, you need to choose a low enough net mesh, and require joint size is fine, sluice or hole width is larger.Circuit graphic finish refers to the sharp edge, it is not only for reasons of appearance, more important is considering the influence of electric parameters.Not only selling the conductor is likely to be reduced the adjacent edges of the wire impedance, especially under high temperature, high humidity, easy to cause the silver ions generated along a line edge serrated, silver ion migration, causing line between short circuit fault, etc.

Today's screen printing has developed into a set of optical, mechanical and electrical, chemical, photochemical, microelectronics, computer and other high and new technology for the integration of multidisciplinary cross the brand-new modern screen printing technology.

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