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Shenzhen standard to the requirement of raw material of polyester thin film membrane panel

- Apr 21, 2018 -

Shenzhen film panel can be widely used in household appliances, industrial instrumentation switch panel, name brand OEM, etc., fundamentally change the defect of the aluminum alloy panels, and other traditional materials, to be the most ideal of modern new panel.The product not only has the waterproof, dustproof, friction resistance, do not fade, easy beautification adornment, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, also can be directly on the panel surface cleaning dirt, water, gasoline, alcohol and patterns are not affected.Thin film panel can use, also can be used as part of the membrane switch.

  Due to the nature of polyester film determines its different USES.Different USES of the polyester film demand for raw materials and additives, and processing technology has different requirements, the thickness and the technical indices are not the same as;In addition, only BOPET has many USES.Shenzhen thin film materials and characteristics of panel used is suitable for the production of base material has the following several kinds of membrane switch panel.

  A, polyvinyl choride (PVC) heat resistance performance is poorer, especially under the condition of high temperature, the softening temperature of 59 ℃, elastic than polycarbonate film well.But it has the high elongation rate (130%), and because of its low price, it is suitable for use in general conditions.

  Second, the elasticity of polyester film and temperature resistance are good, the price between the polycarbonate film and PVC film.But because of the thin film surface is difficult to processed into matte texture, more transparent sheet, at the same time, the surface of the polyester film for the vast majority of plastic cannot obtain the satisfactory result of printing ink, general to specific use special inks, to ensure good follow-up processing performance.

  Third, the use of polycarbonate film wide temperature range (135 ~ 135 ℃), when the temperature or humidity change, the change is not big, the performance of this material to ensure that the panel can be used in all kinds of instruments, all kinds of bad environment.The solvent is more sensitive, but the downside is strong solvation effect of solvent easily embrittlement, crack.

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