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Shenzhen membrane switch touch switch are discussed

- Apr 02, 2018 -

    According to the analysis of the domestic demand is the most in the past two yearsShenzhen membrane switchThe light touch switch, its total demand more than billions more even;Growth is the biggest membrane switch, increased by more than 100% above;And push button switch (include the power push button switch, micro switch, remote control, mouse, keyboard) demand in Asia in the first place.In 2005, the total domestic demand for all kinds of main switch has been more than 8.827 billion, is expected to reach 9.88 billion this year.

  Toggle switch main form a complete set of fields is the electronic control equipment, lifting equipment, heavy machine tool equipment, power electronics equipment, transportation, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, home appliances, etc.Although some products have been replaced by other forms of switch, but still have some market, it is a switch in a wide range of specifications series more varieties.Shape can be divided into large, medium, small and tiny.Terminal can be divided into straight foot, elbow, welding plate, fast connection, etc.Button can be divided into standard handle, short cone, cone, etc.Installation can be divided into horizontal, vertical, installed thread casing, bayonet, etc.Product current voltage ranging from 1 a to 30 a life ranging from 10000 to 50000.Special requirements can design production according to customer's request.Products comply with resonant and RoHS directive requirements.

  Toggle switch market needs the most time is in the 1980 s and early 90 s.In recent years, demand has remained at about 50 million.Has long been considered to be the product can be used instead, such as push button switch, so the market demand presents the downward trend for granted.And one of the small and tiny toggle switch has been positive.Large current large toggle switch has form a complete set of application in some special occasions.


 Membrane switch for the breakthrough of technical materials and upgrades, water proofing property, security, reliability is greatly increased, the product cost has been declining, product market demand continues to look good.And convenient for assembly, applications continue to expand, have taken the place of a switch.Type of installation is given priority to with PCB SMT, automotive instrumentation, nc machine tools, washing machines, keyboard, mobile phones, such as detecting instrument is one of the largest market applications.

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