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Shenzhen membrane switch screen printing plate making matters needing attention

- Apr 14, 2018 -

 Shenzhen membrane switchScreen printing plate making considerations, ZhiDeXing small make up summed up the following contents, for everybody to learn:

  1, light source, intensity of illumination, check regularly.Check voltage, power grid, the 380 v (360 ~ 360 v).

  2, network version of the place to set up in the air conditioning of safekeeping dark room, or the low temperature and dry place.Pay attention to when using screen light to take light put, prevent scratch.Note cannot be used with water or membrane liquid hand to touch off page.

  3, plate burning workshops to clean environment, especially the plate burning glass, must be clean before starting work, developing from a regular cleaning and maintenance.

  Membrane switch printing film check check

  1, the film surface dirty, sometimes solution and the machine track roller can lead to a stain the surface of the film, it will affect the printing quality.

  2, content whether there is a mistake, it generally includes the font with and without noise, whether the graphic color separation, presence of static electric wire, film have scratches, and so on.

  3, set his question: Angle of anchor point and line, whether the version of the complete, each film is a strict set of qi, in addition, due to the film of the smoke, and the precision of the phototypesetter error problem, after the monochrome version and previous version is not strict, all the film must be output at the same time, otherwise you may find color is not allowed.

  4, the first thing to know their own design, the effective size of the requirements of the film, such as zhengyang, Yang, Yin, the Yin (membrane switch circuit and printing of the front to check), and the requirements of the cable and shape of the network.If the spell big version, the direction of the puzzle is correct.

  5, font, font should be used in and output center equipped with, if use the remote fonts, be sure to turn curve.

  Membrane switch screen production, widespread use of direct plate making method, directly with emulsion production network version of the process flow is: screen skim - screen drying - coated photosensitive glue to dry template, template added glue to template is dry, the exposure and development - template dry - check retouching.Network version of the photosensitive glue line must be uniform, emulsion completely cover silk screen, printing rubber should be thicker.

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