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Several technology of membrane switch

- Apr 27, 2018 -

The structure of the membrane switch seven layers, panel, face stator protectionlayer, middle layer, between line layer, shrapnel, line, rubber back. Membrane switch panel and circuit board is made by screen printing, screen printing is the first step of producing membrane switch; Because just with water in the screen printing products, natural drying time is too long, is not in conformity with the capacity, so the product to be dry, this is the second working procedure; Semi-finished products come out, after that you can carry on the processing assembly of product, this is the third process: assembly, add the required materials together into a finished product; Assembled finished product shape is square, not the customer need, this is about to cut the finished product into the shape of a customer want, so the fourth process is cut; The fifth, and particularly important step: quality control, a product is unqualified, how quality, will flow out, all need to pass quality inspection staff strict examination, give judgment; The last process is natural to packaging for the product, but don't ignore the details of the steps, such as button type membrane switch packing and storage requires a stand, to prevent the button long time stress failure.

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