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Screen printing is a kind of skill

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Relatively little contact with printing on this people, silk screen printing sounds is a very easy thing, but, when you really seen printing process, can feel the original screen printing is a technology.Below to introduce the silkscreen printing process:

The choice of wire mesh

Silk screen printing blocks generally have synthetic fiber mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, natural fiber, silk screen, but the printing can be applied to many places, want to choose according to their own products to choose.

).The choice of net frame

More formal, less deformation of net frame is aluminum alloy net frame, its size should be bigger than design, the outside part of the specific size should be design from net frame should be between 70 ~ 100 mm.Additional selection screen frame, its strength is very important, the key is a horizontal rigid enough.

ƒStretch mesh

Chose the web spun silk and net frame, the two together, this is stretched.There are a number of ways for tension net, can use manual, motor, pneumatic ways, more advanced, can stretch quality net edition is pneumaticStretch mesh machine.Tension net requirement is uniform tension, screen geographic remain vertical, sticky glue is strong, can't slack.

(4) choose sensitive glue

Sensitive glue has sold bichromate department, diazonium salt, iron salts.Screen printing plate making requirement for sensitive glue is: process performance is good, is advantageous for the coating.Sensitive spectral range in 340 ~ 440 nm, good imaging performance, determine high strength, good stability, easy to store, and the economic health, non-toxic pollution-free.Printing to the substrate material requirement is: photographic materials form the version of the film adaptation of different types of ink performance requirements.Force is quite resistant to seal, can withstand the scraping board quite a number of pressure;With the adhesion strength of the silk screen, printing don't have to take off the film when the fault;Easy tear, the recycle of the silk screen plate.

5.Plate burning

Selected after the above materials, coating photosensitive glue in a dark room;For uniform, and then drying, general requirements apply twice.Print requirements in the cold light source printing-down machine exposure, exposure time, should be determined according to the design of general between 12 ~ 30 minutes.After the exposure and development which made screen printing screen.

Conductive ink is one of the most critical material printing membrane switch, the pros and cons of its quality and price is directly related to membrane switch product quality and the cost of production.Conductive ink is a kind of functional inks, the printing is mainly in carbon paste, silver paste, conductive ink.Membrane switch circuit to conductive ink printing

All landownersprinting

The printerHave a few kinds of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic type.Manual printing machine is suitable for small batch, small size.Semi-automatic and fully automatic printing machine is suitable for mass more matching color printing, large size, has the advantage of fast.

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