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Projection display in the main optical thin film devices

- Sep 20, 2017 -

The optical minus reflection film projection display, the main for visible light, demanding 400 ^ - 700 nm band minus reflection of light, the routine is to use the modified w broadband minus reflection film.Characteristic of the film is in wide spectral range can obtain better reflection performance reduction, generally can meet the reflectivity is less than 0.5% in 430 - r680nm scope, and in the vertical shoot Angle near less sensitivity to the point of view.

Minus reflection film is the most widely used optical thin film projection system, any of the optical element, as long as the surface has not been processed (such as glue, any other features of the thin film plating system) and direct contact with air, must be made minus reflection film plated on the surface.For oblique incidence of dichroic mirror reflective film, insist on people shoot Angle of a certain range, corresponding implementation minus reflection.

Projection shows the application of high reflective film, mainly include: high reflection film medium type and enhanced metal reflector two types.All dielectric mirrors, because using dielectric film, film absorption is small, so can be used as a high-performance reflective device.


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