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Production of thin film panel to check which aspects

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Jasper electronic  co., LTD. "not to buy bad product, don't make bad product, not out of bad product, don't pass non-conforming" purpose for the general customer service,To the production of membrane switch manufacturerThin film surfaceplate, every link strict control over the quality, so for each batch production complete or finished money qualified inspections of thin-film panels, as long as such, in order to guarantee the quality of thin film panel, the following is the inscription electronic production of thin film panel for eight aspects of the inspection, especially to share with you:

1, film panel material view: adhesives, glue, panels, carbon ink, spacers, reinforcement plate, substrate, silver paste, insulation print should fit the drawing rule.

2, shape, mutatis mutandis, the appearance of the thin film panel, conductor line, insulation and liner combination should fit the drawing rules or supply samples of things.

3, check the scale: drawings did not note tolerances promised to fit the size specification, other rules fit drawings.


4, check the appearance: film panel cannot have significant drawbacks, such as the character of stroke;Stain, pervious to light point;Deinking, spots, scratches;Bright window glue, glue, etc.Unbiased representation, such as printing, registering, line up and down keys combination, route and key piece, thin film composite panel and buttons, bubbling and thin film panel key substrate.Stamping burrs and crowded curved scale, should not be greater than 0.2 mm, and no conductor position should be facing a side.

5, check the color: use visual method, in comparison with the sample or color card to see whether have off color, the color request particularly severe with color difference meter.

6, ink adhesion view: to ink the lit tape attached with a hand pressure to ensure no bubble agile dissection after 10 seconds, can not have ink representation.Insulation dry ink, the ink surface abutting again after 24 hours, the weight of each other to ensure insulation surface does not stick to each other.No bubble with a pressure sensitive adhesive tape attached with a hand pressure after 1 minute, agile, no ink drops.

7, peel strength check: adhesive peel strength, shall be not less than 8 n / 25 mm.

8, bubbling check: height, strength is balanced.Planar: 57 ~ 284 g, tactility is: 170 ~ 397 g.

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