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Precautions for membrane switch during plate making

- Jul 20, 2018 -

Precautions for membrane switch during plate making

    The production and processing of membrane switches is not so easy, and there are many considerations. The switch products produced by different processing and processing requirements will be more different, and the performance differences will be reflected in the use. Regardless of the type of switch, it is necessary to pay great attention to the production. If one step is not done well, it will face a major impact. Therefore, the membrane switch needs to be perfect, and the operation in the production process is very important. I want to make the membrane switch very good. I need to think further about the printing system. I will deal with the printing problem in order to deal with it better in the future processing process, and the effect will be more obvious. Pay attention to the following points when making plates:

(1) Select a larger frame and the screen is tight. The net frame is large, and the deformation amount is relatively small, and the operation is convenient. The tight mesh frame facilitates the rapid separation of the printed material from the screen, which is more advantageous for high viscosity silver paste.

(2) When manually applying glue, it is necessary to make the rubber surface even and even. Generally, it is suitable to use 4 times, but there are also special cases, depending on the consistency of the photosensitive glue, the number of times of the glue is determined. When the first pass is applied, it is necessary to repeatedly scrape evenly on both sides of the screen to make the photoresist evenly fill the net.

(3) The screen to be dried should be checked for pinholes, air bubbles, and repaired. After drying, it is necessary to carry out double exposure, so that the combination of the original photosensitive adhesive is thorough and firm, and the screen is resistant to India.

By processing each step of the membrane switch plate making, it is believed that it can have better effect in the subsequent production and processing. It is believed that other production aspects can have higher effects, and the performance of the membrane switch can be maximized, and also It can make it a more complex development trend of the society, in line with social norms.

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