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Plate-making technology of film switching circuit bridge

- Apr 06, 2017 -

For the film switch Interchange in the "Bridging" technology, we not only require printing coatings have excellent insulation, more importantly, through the screen version of the selection of the preparation process, to ensure the "bridge" thick, "bridge" thickness should meet the pressure of 200V above. If the insulation layer is thin, the coating pressure performance decreases, but also not to prevent the "bridge" and the intersection wires due to silver ions with the penetration of solvents to produce short-circuit.

It would be futile to increase the thickness of the insulating layer by increasing the number of printing measures. This not only adds a lot of work, but also the combination of multiple layers of thick layer is not ideal, and the "bridge" face to be affected by the slope shape. One of the effective methods is to use the plate-making technology to deal with the "bridge" thick problem, hollow plate can choose a certain thickness of pet film as a hollow plate substrate. The specific process is covered in the bridge site of PET film, according to the necessary parts of the "bridge" hollow, and then the edge of grinding thin, forming a "bridge" the slope of the mouth, this Seihan technology although ancient, but the production method is very simple, economical and has a good effect, is other Seihan method is difficult to compare.

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