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Outgoing line(cable)

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Lead to one or more flexible circuit leads to part of the circuit, used to connect to the connector. This line can support multiple loop, its width and slope according to need. Our factory is in the leading position at the request of the slope.

Often the erroneous zone

Lead is within the thin film layer or one multilayer circuit loop of an independent and complete line, change the length of the lead for the performance of the membrane switch has a certain influence. Can be achieved by increasing the width of the lead wire and increase the performance of the lead wire length.


Design considerations

For each project, I companies can design according to the following factors lead:

(1) circuit structure

(2) the coupling used by customers.

(3) shielding layer and the requirement of the coupling.

(4) to ensure good connection with other components, mechanical structure design.

The typical section of lead wire

1 silver conductive layer

2 the thermal stability of polyester

3 insulation layer

4 carbon coating


(1) the lead wire can be folded, or bending radius greater than 2.5 mm.

(2) if the lead wire bending, I companies will provide reliable pressure, high temperature to finalize the design to meet customer requirements.

(3) lead don't have to be precisely cut in a straight line, they can be into various shapes to meet the requirements of different assembly.

(4) because lead is the extension of route layer part, they could not leave the switch contact below.

(5) line insulation options:

(1) carbon layer to prevent silver oxide, and ensure the line with the pin is good.

(2) coated with insulating oil seal in the lower cost of online.

(3) in order to ensure the electrostatic and prevent wear and tear, I companies will provide a layer of polyester layer used in transmission lines.

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