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On the choice of production equipment installed on membrane panel

- Apr 11, 2018 -

 Thin film panelWhat are the various options in the production equipment installation?Let's go back to should be on the question of where to install the system.

  Extra advantages of this method is a process of direct manipulation (closed loop) to sex.In this method, when the mold cleaning cleaning is necessary, can be speculated that in early and save raw materials.Direct response also handle the operator handling equipment, such as process optimization.Together, as a system of the end of the drum quality control.

  If the film will be posted later layer or coating, is worth thinking about put the system in other directions, because if it is placed on extrusion bearing, producers significant don't get information about coating layer or process.Layer coating defects, post questions or external faults (such as film attract flies by electrostatic discharge) will not be probed into.The other hand, through in the process of production in one of several bearing device detecting system, the manufacturer of drum end quality control have indeed qualitative deep level.In addition, he also can directly process monitoring and optimization of coating or layer.Of course, in turn, extrusion process of quality control is in limit must be able to.Subsequent processing for the faster, the better monitoring of extrusion process will be.

  Is the third pick put detection system in the open position, for example in the cutting and reel.This is the first advantage of 100% at the end of the quality control, this avoids complaints, to enhance the customer loyalty.However, in this kind of situation, only can be limited process control, such as gel after contact frequency and specification, to all the reel for analysis from the material batch.In this way, can also be in batches of raw materials and establish the contact between different extruder.

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