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New membrane switch have performance of water-proof and dust-proof

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Along with the progress of the society and people more and more high to the requirement of the safety of the home appliance industry, because of the disadvantages of the traditional keyboard switch, such as can't can't waterproof, dustproof and internal electronic circuit easy oxidation, cannot be used in the present some high-tech technology products.So a new kind of switch, the invention of the membrane switch to solve the problem.

MEMBRANE switch is the graphics on the film base material, the component is a switch function, which is called MEMBRANE switch (English called be SWITCHES).By several layers of different materials film adhesive products, thickness is about 1.2 ~ 2.5 mm, the appearance, such as plate, a combination of both plate and I switch so called panel switch (English called PANELSWITCHES sheet or switch).Because of the switch trip short, only for o. around 25 to 0.5 mm, switch according to the pressure of 0.5 ~ 1 n more sensitive, handle gently touch to complete the switch function, so it is also called touch switch or a light touch on the keyboard.

Membrane switch by upper with silver pulp line PET film, PET pads and PET film three lower bonding with silver pulp line seal.Membrane switch by conductive silver pulp line electrical signal transmission, the conductive mechanism of conductive silver pulp has the macroscopic seepage theory (conductive channel theory) and microscopic quantum mechanics tunnel effect.Membrane switch of the upper and lower two contact under normal circumstances in the non-contact state, namely open circuit, when has the external force on contact, PET film occurring deformation make upper and lower two contact immediately through to transmit electrical signals: external force, contact back off state.

The classification of membrane switch:

1. According to the circuit substrate is divided into flexible plate and hard board;

2. According to the panel shape can be divided into flat or vertical;

3. According to the operation and confused in non-inductive type and inductive type:

4. According to the special purpose into clear type and finger touch screen type;

5. According to the way of combining panel with discrete and keyboard and keyboard.

Now high-tech products has become more and more sophisticated, more and more high quality, smaller volume, quality is more and more light, a membrane switch with simple structure, beautiful appearance is very smooth and complete, finished product weight and volume is very thin, the sealing effect is very good, touch through type and long service life, etc, will cause a new revolution in switch industry, will get more and more widely used.

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