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membrane switch with customer product benefits

- Oct 10, 2017 -

membrane switch a whole joker products with customers and apply to different product, different industries and different areas, on electronic products and electronic products can be used for the panel, and the product can bring the operator welfare panel with customers.


membrane switch to the welfare of the operators have to brought from panel power, power is the appearance, quality and function, etc.

1)Appearance, the appearance of the thin film panel based on the implementation of the different industry overall demand, to create different types of panel appearance, appearance is the most need to meet customers want is beautiful and practical, good visual experience to operators;

2)Quality, the panel is the most important determinants of the quality of the material selection, directly influence the selection of material quality, the panel generally choose different environment are applicablePET film, PET film is not only good ink adhesion, other properties such as waterproof and oil resistant to bending is the basis of the panel to realize high quality, good quality for the operator more comfortable to use;

3)Functions, the commonly used as the outermost layers of the machine, in the electronic products generally ACTS as a switch on the surface, in the electronic products in general as logo, on the switch surface can have display window function,LED indicator function, as well as the buttons on the control panel function, can have on any of the product design text instructions warning functions such as operation, the function is all ready to give the operator more convenient manipulation.

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