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Membrane switch when the design how to panel and circuit layer to control

- Jan 22, 2018 -

 Membrane switchIs to trigger the switch on the panel keys, usually under the action of external force, make the membrane switch circuit closed contact moment, accomplish the transmission of orders.This requires a membrane switch on the panel and circuit layer when the design to control accurately.

Membrane switch isolation layer appearance design is very simple, is to stick adhesive paper on both sides of the membrane, and then and where contact with circuit panel key contact place to punch the hole, so that it can be between the upper and lower circuit, have played an important role in a support at the same time can also play the role of isolated upper and lower two layers of circuit.


(a) isolation layer of chosen material

Isolation layer on the original word ah chat request is not high.Can use cheaper price PVC film to make, but if choose polyester film to make about the quality of the membrane switch and stiffness are more assured.In order to make a double sided tape to stick up more simple, now has been designed to produce the pre-coated rubber of a kind of special tape, make the panel production process more simple.

(2) the thickness of the isolation layer

Isolation layer of the final thickness is according to the health of the membrane switch panel and perfect on every panel hole of different shapes and different size to design, both the rationality of the design of a membrane switch will be the final operation sensitivity and can be good by the membrane panel design what are the different sexual contact, therefore, should be choose.Each kind of membrane switch aperture standards and isolation layer thickness is not the same


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