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Membrane switch used in which industry

- Apr 20, 2018 -

Membrane switch is very widely used, specific what industry do you know?What is a membrane switch may also is not very understanding, below the staff of membrane switch manufacturer to introduce to you.

What is a membrane switch?Membrane switch is a key function, indicating device, instrument panel for the integration of an operating system.By the panel, the circuit and isolation layer, the circuit of four parts.Press the membrane switch, circuit contact deformation, down on the pad of the circuit under contact conduction, fingers, contact bounce back on the circuit, circuit disconnect, loop to trigger a signal.
Membrane switch using industry: membrane switch can be found in different industries.Medical equipment and laboratory equipment is an ideal market membrane switch.These switches can be designed to seal water and pollutants and antimicrobial coating, to resist the growth of bacteria and harsh chemicals.Membrane switch is also used in industry, such as electronic test equipment and communication network.Industrial control and fitness equipment and industrial membrane switch is the choice of the user interface.Membrane switch also more common in life, such as: microwave oven, electric rice cooker, induction cooker etc. The buttons on the;Work above the printer button and so on, these are the membrane switch.

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