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Membrane switch used in printing ink pigment

- Sep 18, 2017 -

 Membrane switch in non-ferrous material is usually used in the printing ink pigment, it is very fine particles of non-ferrous material, generally does not dissolve in water, and insoluble in links, most are suspended in the solvent.In this type of ink and membrane switch pigment printing house care about some of the indicators are:


  1. Paint according to the largest degree of saturation (the most pure) printing color sample;


  2. Paint color measurement data;


  3. The application properties of pigment, standard of liquid concentration, tinting strength, dispersion and hiding power;


  4. Print fastness.


  Membrane switch of pigment (substrates) can make the object surface color.Used in printing ink pigment, must have a very high tinting strength, light fastness and chemical stability, has the fine particle, in general ink link material has good dispersion ability, add ink can make ink has good liquidity


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