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Membrane switch structure and characteristics

- Jan 17, 2018 -

1, shape: shape, conductor lines, insulated handle and lining board combination should comply with the regulations of drawings or provide samples.

2, material: panels, substrate, silver paste, carbon ink, spacer, then agent, adhesive, printing should conform to the figure of reinforcement plate, insulation

Paper rules.

3, check the appearance quality: the category of the prosecution.

Panel: there can be no obvious flaws, such as characters of stroke and the readability; Stain, pervious to light point; Deinking, spots, scratches; through

Ming window glue, glue, etc.); Unbiased phenomenon (printing registering deviation 0.2 mm or less; Line up and down keys combination deviation 0.5 mm or less; Line with

Key piece, panel key combination with surface offset of 0.3 mm or less; Panel, the blank space around the lines after the combination deviation 0.2 mm or less; Panel key place

Hit convex and substrate offset of 0.5 mm or less).

Line: can not have residual material, foreign bodies, stain, concave and convex and adhesion to the surface and the inside of the grease, fingerprints, into line

Product shape edge burr; All lines and contact shall not be cut through table (that is, cut by the line cut to base material), mild

Bruise also does not affect the impedance as principle, carbon ink surface scratch will not affect the circuit conduction as the criterion, the line shall not be attached on it

Any foreign matter.

Conductive silver: silver paste thickness control in commonly 7 to 12 microns, and should be even and smooth, there can be no obvious defect and pinhole. Don't allow

There is any break, short circuit phenomenon. Carbon ink: cover the silver paste on a line of carbon ink, should ensure that completely cover the silver pulp, the thickness of 8-10 mu

M, can not have very obvious protruding silver pulp.

Insulation printing: all shall not have any insulation membrane switch contact printing ink adhesion. Insulation ink face should level off, avoid have any

Any bubbles or pinhole defect and influence of insulation effect.

Jump line: all jump line department in accordance with the requirements of conductor line and all jumper wire products are required to pass through open and short circuit test and 100% off

Resistance test. Make sure there are no any open, short circuit and insulation resistance should be greater than 500 m Ω vdc1 (500 minutes).

Stamping burrs and die extrusion bending size: stamping burrs and crowded bending size, should not be greater than 0.2 mm, and the position should be facing no conductor

On one side.

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