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Membrane switch silver pulp line resistance is big problem analysis

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Membrane switch silver pulp line resistance is big problems mainly include the following:

(1) silver paste is not fully mixing before printing.

(2) the printing line after baking didn't have enough time, the temperature is low.

(3) choose the screen mesh of carefully.

(4) printing lines of silver paste is too thin.

(5) the silver paste is too thin, thinners add too much, make less or use silver content of silver paste special diluent.

(6) line of graphic design is not reasonable.

(7) silver pulp raw material quality is bad.

Can adopt the following methods to exclude solution:

(1) before printing to ensure the fully mixing silver paste, add silver paste must also be fully mixing.

(2) master baking time and temperature control.

(3) the replacement of some coarse mesh, mesh producing qualified screen.

(4) changing the mode of plate making, can consider to use thick version.

(5) check the silver slurry concentration, pay attention to control the addition of diluent, and to ensure that the diluent used with silver paste.

(6) check whether the circuit design is reasonable, and the design of the circuit to make the necessary improvements.

(7) to replace silver pulp raw materials, such as quality to meet the requirements.

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