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Membrane switch proofing is the basis for product quality

- May 25, 2018 -

Membrane switches are an operating system that integrates key functions, indicating elements, and instrument panels. From the panel, the circuit, the isolation layer, the lower circuit consists of four parts. When the membrane switch is pressed, the contacts of the upper circuit are deformed downwards and brought into contact with the plates of the lower circuit. After the fingers are released, the upper circuit contacts bounce back, the circuit is disconnected, and the circuit triggers a signal. Membrane switch structure is rigorous, beautiful appearance, good sealing. With anti-humid, long life and other characteristics. Widely used in electronic communications, electronic measurement equipment, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive industry, smart toys, household appliances and other fields.


Membrane switches, also called touch-type keyboards, use a flat and multi-layered integrated sealing structure, which is a type of integrated light, machine and electricity that seals key switches, panels, marks, symbol displays, and liners together. The new type of electronic components is a fundamental change in the appearance structure of electronic products. It can replace the keys of conventional discrete components and perform the tasks of the operating system more reliably.


Membrane switch will be proofed before the formal production, the membrane switch samples sent to the manufacturers, why the membrane switch proofing is an important basis for product quality?


Membrane switch samples can help customers check the various information contained in the document for timely modification such as fonts, patterns, colors, and so on. Colors are the most difficult to control in proofing because different panel materials and thick inks can cause changes in the color of the sample.


Second, the sample can be used as a contract between the customer and the membrane switching plant. The contract sample should provide exactly the same color as the final membrane switch, and the contract sample should be printed out shortly before the mass production, so as to avoid discoloration and distortion of the sample due to the long storage time.

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