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Membrane switch panel storage considerations

- Apr 20, 2018 -

The tendency of intelligent, modern production and living in these products have a indispensable equipment, that is the membrane switch panel.When we are ordering or production of membrane switch will involve the membrane switch panel, storage, so, in the process of membrane switch panel to store what is the need to be aware of?The membrane switch panel factory is to introduce to you.
1, the connection wire to protect the membrane switch, shall not be placed upside down.
2, the products with the Windows to prevent material stress bending, otherwise it may leave crease.
3, membrane switch for interesting indoor, dustproof, should do moistureproof processing, around without acid, alkali or other corrosive gases in the air.
4, the products are generally of the front cover in some transparent membrane, is to protect the surface of the product or display window will not be cut, should keep protective film.
5, in the product packaging foam cotton, with a bubble cotton between products, is to reduce the external damage of unconscious forces of buttons.
6 protracted war, the original packaging to retrieve several of them, in accordance with the same beam is good, but must not be too tight beam.
7, a handle, metal shrapnel, hot pressing convex bract) products, packing and needs to be kept upright, prevent button pressure for a long time to handle failure.
Above is a membrane switch panel manufacturers to introduce about the membrane switch panel to store some matters needing attention, have a need to place an order of membrane switch panel, you are welcome to call consultation.

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