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Membrane switch panel paste use method

- May 26, 2018 -

The film is a thin, soft transparent sheet. Made of plastic, adhesive, rubber, or other material. Thin film science is interpreted as the deposition of two-dimensional materials on the surface of a substrate by atoms, molecules or ions. Examples: optical films, composite films, superconducting films, polyester films, nylon films, plastic films, and the like. Films are widely used in electronics, machinery, printing and other industries.

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Thin film material refers to a thin metal or organic layer with a thickness of between a single atom and a few millimeters. Electronic semiconductor functional devices and optical coatings are the main applications of thin film technology.


Membrane switches have a wide range of applications. Therefore, the frequency of membrane switches is relatively frequent. After the membrane switch manufacturers send them to other equipment manufacturers, they will be involved in a paste application process. Then, what are the precautions when using a membrane switch? What? Here we come to understand the next.


  Membrane switches are a combination of several key functions. When it is necessary to install it, everyone should clean the surface that the membrane switch needs to be attached to, because the membrane switch needs to tear the centrifugal paper afterwards. If the attachment surface is clean, the film The switch can fit normally. Generally, as long as the membrane switch is glued up, it can be used normally. However, when installing it, we must not repeatedly paste it repeatedly. We must complete this work all at once and tear it up. The angle should not exceed 15 degrees, otherwise it will affect the use of the membrane switch in the later use of the feeling, after the installation is complete, you need to try touch, when we must be flat on the table after the membrane switch and then press, if this If the table is not flat, it will affect the life of the membrane switch.

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