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Membrane switch panel intelligent pressure calibration

- Apr 11, 2018 -

  Membrane switchPanel is the membrane switch, and a panel in the form of belongs to a kind of intelligent switch equipment, in the market and life can be seen everywhere, membrane switch panels and popularization, is not a rare equipment, but its use is really high-tech.In the process of production of membrane switch panel need to be verified and commonly used method is intelligent pressure check.So will produce what kind of impact?

  1, intelligent pressure checking instrument for ac/dc portable appearance, in the measurement of pressure, can measure current, togetherLCDOn the apparent, and maintains24VDCThe output.Suppression of hand pump together with the front panel on the devices, making it a ambitious on-site check appearance.

  2Range function, appearance generous, a multi-purpose table, with a variety of show individual character, can show the pressure, current, pressure, water, or percentage, kg and current.

  3, high performance microprocessor to successive grade of zero and linear appearance, make sure looks long time zero and accuracy with excellent repeatability and stability, high accuracy of measurement.

  4, owe voltage of micro power consumption and active maintenance function, to ensure the appearance even if the operator for the succession of boot is too long also won't because less damage to the battery voltage.

  5, constant current charging, the battery voltage of charging, under-voltage active shutdown and active maintenance function, to ensure that the battery is not damaged by charging or undervoltage, battery long use life(Because of long time don't have to, charge once every three months)。

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