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Membrane switch panel graphics, screen frame line production

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Graphics, screen frame line productionMembrane switchGraphics, box line in the panel layer, in addition to the specific graphics, are usually referred to as the outline of the key body.Panel layer on the key body contour accuracy is lower than text printing requirements, although here selects all the indirect method, film plate when none of the but from the cost of economic considerations, such as using the direct method of diazo photosensitive glue plate making, can fully meet the requirements, but in the process of plate making, pay attention to the mask version of the contrast, make the screen sensitized rubber crosslinking fully exposure, and reduce the loss of residual glue, can improve the quality of image edge.Due to the currentMembrane switchHave been widely used three-dimensional molded right key technology, even if the key body contour area appear tiny flaw, if after mold forming will be hidden.To this end, here use diazo photosensitive glue plate is more economic and reasonable.

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