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Membrane switch manufacturer of switch 2 common proofing

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Jasper electronics is a professional Membrane switch Manufacturers, its products are Membrane switch、Thin film panelSuch as products, customers to our company to buyMembrane switchOften are determined by the sample and the sample isMembrane switchImportant basis for quality control and communication with customers, proofing is connection between manufacturing and printing prepress process, let users in the amount of prenatal foresee the endMembrane switchThe role of.The whole can be thought ofMembrane switchProduce technical supply specification forMembrane switchThe progress of quality supply.On its crystal choi MingMembrane switchProofing generally there are two ways, it is convenient for soft proofing and traditional proofing, so the characteristics of the two kinds of proofing?


1, soft proofing.Soft proofing is end in color display, is undoubtedly the most convenient, the most rapid and cheapMembrane switchA proofing method, demand color display higher precision, and it is necessary to adjust properly.Soft proofing way significant deficiencies are: low resolution, only 72 dpi;The accuracy of the color depends on the display of the function and calibration status, metal color is not accurate;Not for the bac kMembrane switchRefer to the production process supplies.


2, the traditional proofing.Demand and output film film and screen, and then end on a screen printing machine proofing.Traditional proofing samples and production version of the manufacturing technology is the same.Proofing and production using the same file data, through the proofing can find potential questions, such as turtle lines, color and font on the picture.

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