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Membrane switch life varies according to different environments

- Sep 27, 2018 -

Membrane switch life varies according to different environments

The production process of the membrane switch is the first to print the conductive circuit, the printed panel layer picture product LOGO, punching, sealing and other processes. Regardless of the type of switch that has the most fundamental effect on the product, it is the effect of power-on and power-off. In the case of not losing this function, everyone is constantly developing the multi-function of the switch without affecting the basic functions. Sex, the membrane switch is the most representative product in the switch profession.


Compared with the push button switch, the membrane switch not only has the effect of turning off the power of the push button switch, but also has the decoration function that other switch products do not have. The switch panel layer printed by screen printing technology uses the combination of specific ink and printing technology, so that the picture printed on the panel layer has the characteristics of no discoloration for a long time and strong adsorption of the data itself.

The service life of the membrane switch will vary according to the environment. The membrane switch produced by polycarbonate PC and PVC PVC data can reach more than 5000000 times from the point of view of the button. Usually 3-10 years. In either case, the material it has is not available to other switches (button switches). Whether it is in the production technology, the quality of the goods, the planned appearance is still the most basic characteristics have been greatly improved.

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