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Membrane switch LED lights bad analysis

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Membrane switch is used in SMT LED lamp (0603, 0805, 1206).LED by the luminous tube emitting light colors, usually can be divided into white, red, orange, yellow, green, yellow green, standards, green and subdivision and pure green), blue, etc.In addition, some leds included in two or three kinds of color chip.LED sustainable work 5-80000 hours, is a traditional fluorescent lamp life of more than 10 times.Membrane switch in the LED work usually under 20 ma current, and the working current of low current LED under 2 ma brightness (the same as the ordinary light-emitting tube).


Membrane switch the LED lights don't usually have the following reasons

1, the LED packaging protection is not perfect, cause in the process of transportation collision and damage of the lamp bead.

2, LED lamp welding point has a virtual welding phenomenon, in the process of transportation vibration caused by solder joints fall off and cause the light not bright.

3, less leds solder, solder joint is easy to fall off.

4, LED lights welding quality is bad, LED flexible light with solder joint in the process of bending, prone to falls off phenomenon.

5, LED lights installed when bending Angle is too large, LED flexible light with solder joint and separation of copper foil and cause is not bright.

6, LED lamp installation excessive extrusion products, LED flexible light zone chip damage or deformation of solder joints is off and not light.

7, the LED circuit board solder resist layer too thick, when welding the solder and the circuit board is not fully fuses in together, is also a kind of virtual welding phenomenon.

8, the LED lamp is not distorted when installation, if distortion will cause LED flexible light falls off of the solder joints and cause is not bright.

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